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Since the last update I’ve uploaded 3 DayZ videos and 3 Minecraft videos. The title cards were starting to look too monotonous so I am trying out a new theme. Check out some of the below title cards and let me know what you think.

Journey To The Promised Lands Title Card - Episode 7 B

As far as the video layout goes I’ve been tinkering with that, also. I think I have it nailed down now, but all the old footage hasn’t been edited/uploaded yet. As such, you’ll see various iterations of the layout. The Minecraft video below shows an early one which had a white border around the face cam. To see what the latest iteration looks like you can see that in the DayZ Livestream video, minus the Brainstew Cam and chat, of course.

Additionally, I am trying out some new methods of adding music to the videos. Using some random Midi file generators I find one I like, import it into Soundation, then change the instruments to what I think sounds good. It’s sad that a computer program can create more interesting music than I can… at least since it’s randomly generated it’s free for me to use. It’s also a huge time saver; I more enjoy playing the games and editing the videos than creating music to use (though, would love to be more creative with music if only there were 30 hours in a day… haha). To listen check out the first music track in the video below (it’s actually better than you’re probably thinking).

We also tested out a livestream. Brainstew was streaming on Twitch while I was recording from my end. In my video I’ve put a Brainstew Cam in the corner. If he decides to start adding overlays on his stream I will either have to remove it or work something else out with him to get only his game screen shared with me. Towards the second half of the livestream we are paid a visit by a special guest. Check out Zekeocolypse’s Twitch over at And check the (abridged) recording of the livestream below.

Also, head over to my YouTube channel to view the rest of the newest videos. And please leave a like or a comment if you enjoyed the video! Thanks!

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Another DayZ video is up over on my YouTube channel. In this episode Cemeterry and myself are catching up with each other. We finally catch up at the end of the video. Hopefully it goes better than our last meetup.

This is a somewhat chat heavy episode since we are separated from one another. Below is a comical screen cap of me making a funny face.

dayz ep10sc1

Zombies jumping are creepy.

dayz ep10sc2

Anyways, check out the video below. And please leave a like and/or comment if you enjoyed the episode. Thanks for reading/watching!

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Just a sound test I thought I would share publicly. It was also a test of the green screen, however I didn’t have good lighting at the time of the test so there is some uneven lighting and edge bleeding.

After the gas pump scene the rest of the video is a sound test of the various songs I’ve mixed. They are nothing fancy, but just something I can use in the videos without having to ask anyone permission. I mixed these all at using either their premium sound library or purchased samples. For anyone that wants to try their hand at mixing, but cannot write music, this is a good starting place. It’s also relatively cheap considering the resulting tracks can be used commercially if desired.

Here they are in order:

1. Intro – This is a scary sounding track used for the DayZ intros. I started using a track from Incompetech but later found samples of wind, scary sounds, and thuds on my Soundation account.

2. Loopable blues track for background music – Simple five bar blues loop. Actually, I could probably have recorded these samples myself, except I don’t own drums…

3. Slightly less loopable rock track for background music – Same as item 2 except more rock sounding. I added some Midi sound claps (clap… clap… clap clap clap), see if you can find them. haha

4. A more thought out track that heavily uses synths – I spent far too long on this one than I care to admit…

I’ll probably post a video describing one of the mixes eventually – maybe the synth track. It completely uses pre-recorded samples but is the most complex track I’ve mixed yet.

That’s about it. Thanks for reading and please like the below video and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you’d like to see more on a semi-regular basis.

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A new DayZ episode has been posted over on my YouTube channel. It’s mostly me killing zombies while trying to met up with Cemeterry.


I do find some black spray paint to make my Mosin look a bit better. :)


Anyways, check out the full video below!

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Hello. I just wanted to throw out my current editing process, see what people think, and maybe get some feedback.

This first image is to just give an idea of how many tracks I’m using and to see my general style. For some videos, particularly DayZ, I start with a short text only intro. It was inspired by our first bit of recording when we were all lost and couldn’t find each other. I’m sure no one will have any complaints with it since it’s only a few seconds. Also unique to DayZ at this time is a flashback sequence of what happened at a high level in the previous video. I apply various transitions, audio effects, and video effects to make it look like an old film reel. Not sure if people like this or not.

As for music, I started out using tracks from because it was licensed as creative commons. But, recently I’ve started dabbling with mixing music myself. I don’t write the music. Instead, I use royalty free samples from sites such as They have a cheap monthly plan and the web application is pretty easy to use. It doesn’t create anything fancy but I think it is good enough for the intro and background music to break up the silence. One advantage is if I ever decide to monetize the videos there would be less likely of a chance of a video getting flagged with a content match. Not that I plan on doing that anytime soon, but it would be awesome to get a little bit back to recover costs for equipment and software. If not, that’s fine too. I love gaming and enjoy being creative and sharing with other gamers.

Below is a screenshot of a sample video edit as described above.


Whenever possible I like to use overlaid text. I’ve not used it as much recently, but still use it during the intros and outros. I would like to use more throughout the videos, for both informational and comedic effect, using two styles: with the video in the background or during a fade to black depending on the situation.

The hardest part for me is trying to decide what to cut and what to show. I would love to show everything, even the long stretches of time between dialogue. However, I feel people wouldn’t be interested in such a video. Maybe I shouldn’t care and just go with what I would enjoy watching. But, currently, I’m cutting any stretch of video that goes for a bit without any of us speaking. This causes a bit of jumping around in the video. If there is anything I need feedback on it would be this section. For example, below is a timeline I’ve cut sections without speech.


I have noticed my recent videos have a higher view duration, so maybe I’m doing at least something correct. Instead of a minute or two average, they are now averaging about six or seven minutes. That’s not bad, if you ask me. I chalk that mostly up to having better equipment now; the video looks better, the audio looks better. But, I am also slightly becoming more comfortable while recording. My very first video I was a bit nervous. In fact, I didn’t even speak. Check out Killing Floor Episode 1 on my channel to see for yourself. I tried to convince myself it was just a test video, but it simply boiled down to I was afraid to speak. I think that’s getting better though. haha

Anyways, that is just a small look at the behind the scenes. I’m very new at this and would love tips and feedback. For the three of you that view this site (haha… yay Google analytics!) please drop a comment below.

Thanks for reading! And thanks for watching the videos (assuming you do haha)!